Funny Birthday Card for Husband, Boyfriend, Uncle, Dad or any male friend- 30th 40th 50th - humorous humour fun - rude naughty cheeky



Funny Birthday Card ideal for boyfriend, husband, father / Dad, Uncle or any male friend

Amusing, humorous and fun.

Text: ... so my wife says to me, why don't you do something
useful like make a bird table? So I do as she asks, and just
because she was eighth, and three places below her sister,
she's giving me the silent treatment. I just can't win!

Image: Two men chatting in a bar.

Theme: Typical male!

Design: cartoon

Blank inside for your personal message

Handmade birthday card printed on a premium card, complete with envelope.

Content: 1 x card, 1 x envelope

Size: 6 x 6 inches, 152 x 152 mm

Card: White hammer finish, 300 gsm

Envelope (included): 100 gsm